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9 September 2019 by Smaug
Hokkaido University: A new duck-billed dinosaur, Kamuysaurus japonicus, identified.

6 September 2019 by Smaug
Virginia Tech: Geosciences’ Shuhai Xiao finds fossils dating back 550 million years, among earliest known displays of animal mobility.

6 September 2019 by Smaug
Mizzou news: Prehistoric AC; MU study suggests T. rex had an air conditioner in its head.

29 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
Max-Planck-Gesellshaft: A face for Lucy's ancestor

23 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
AMNH: 20-Million-Year-Old Skull Reveals Anthropoid Primate Brains Evolved More Than Once

14 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
Science: Middle Stone Age foragers resided in high elevations of the glaciated Bale Mountains, Ethiopia.

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  • November 17th, 2019 Added new fossil locality in the Netherlands: the Marker Wadden.

  • November 10th The forum is completely modernized

  • October 30th, 2019 Added new fossil locality in Canada: BC Shelter Point.

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