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  Kleigroeves NW Vlaanderen

august 2006
Last Modified:
september 2009

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Location description



In the Oligocene clay you can find shark teeth, ray teeth, bivalves, gastropods, and other fish remains. Many septaria have been found in specific layers. Pyrite is very common. Sharkteeth are found in the whole profile.

In the Lower Miocene sands mainly bivalves and small shark teeth, in combination with reworked fauna from the Boom clay formation.

In the Middle Miocene and Pliocene sands mainly lage shark species (Cosmopolitodus hastalis, Megaselachus megalodon, etc.) and reamins of marine mammals (i.e. bulla's, vertabrae, rib fragments).

There are 18 photographs of fossils from this location in our Fossil ID System.
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Literature recommended by members

  • Bor, T.J., 1990: A new species of Molibid ray (Elasmobranchii, Molubidae) from the Oligocene of Belgium
    Contr. Tert. Quatern. Geol. 27 (2-3), 93-97
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  • De Ceuster, J., 1976: Stratigraphische interpretatie van jong-Cenozoische afzettingen bij Rumst en beschrijving van de in een Post-Mioceen basisgrind aangetroffen visfauna. I. Inleiding en stratigrafische gegevens. 1. Inleiding en stratigrafische gegevens
    Verschenen in: Meded. Werkgr. Tert. Kwart. Geol., 13(2): 59-70
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