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june 2019
Last Modified:
june 2019

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This location is closed or not accessible anymore !!!

Location description

Between Kanne en Veldwezelt (province of Limburg), there have been temporary outcrops along the Albert canal. At these temporary outcrops, predominantly the Maastrichtian-aged calcarenites of the Meerssen Member (Maastricht Formation) and the Paleocene glauconitiic calcarenits of the Geulhem Member (Houthem Formation) were exposed. In these deposits, rich latest Cretaceous and earliest Paleocene faunas could be found. In the direction of Kanne, also older strata, of the Gulpen and Maastricht formations, were exposed. 

When the canal was broadened in the 80's, the sharp transition between unit IVf-6 of the Meerssen Member and the glauconitic Geulhem Member was well exposed near the bridge at Vroenhoven. Several decennia later, the profile was again accessible, during excavation works, when the forementioned brigde was replaced. 

These outcrops are currently no longer accessible. 

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The outrcrops were situated along the Albert canal, predominantly between Vroenhoven-Riemst and Veldwezelt. 

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Many species of echinoids, bivalves, gastropods, shark teeht and other vertebrates

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Museum: NHMM Maastricht
Society: Mente-et-Malleo, De IJzeren Man


added by Johan Vellekoop

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