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The Ernstbrunn Limestone and Klentnice beds are rich in sponges, corals, bivalves and gastropodes The most famous are the epidiceratid rudists from this locality, such as Epidiceras sp. and Heterodiceras lucii.. In addition, amongst others also nautiloids, ammonites, brachiopods and decapods can be found.

Literature recommended by members

  • Schneider, S., Harzhauser, M., Kroh, A., Lukeneder, A., Zuschin, M., 2013: Ernstbrunn Limestone and Klentnice beds (Kimmeridgian-Berriasian; Waschberg-Zdánice Unit; NE Austria and SE Czech Republic): state of the art and bibliography
    Bulletin of Geosciences Vol. 88, 1
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