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  St. Maurice

september 2004
Last Modified:
september 2004

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Location description

Ammonite collecting site in the Ardeche region in France. The Ibie is a tributary of the Ardèche river. In the riverbed you can find various ammonites (Crioceratites, Hemihoplites, Barremites, Protetragonites...) and nautilus (large!). The finds are from the Barremian and Hauterivian (part of the Cretaceous period). St-Maurice d' Ibie is a good starting point to collect fossils.

In the centre there is someone who sells cherries and other fruit. He collects fossils too. In the village everywhere you can see ammonites in the houses. The ammonites can be large, up to 1 metre. In the hills west of St- Maurice you can find smaller ammonites (Kosmoceras sp.), and in the vineyards you can find heart shaped sea urchins.

Note! In the Ardèche fossil collecting is not allowed, though it happens everywhere. The fossils occur mainly in very hard rocks. You have to bring good tools to split the rocks. See the map for good collecting spots.

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Ibie river, one of the many side branches of the Ardeche river.
Added by: davinci on 22-03-2012

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This site is located in the Ardèche region in France. See the map for details.

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The finds consist of sea urchins, nautilus, and ammonites from the Barremian and hauterivian (part of the lower Cretaceous period).

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