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november 2013
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november 2013

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Location description

The Adelholzen section is situated at the southwestern tip of the “Adelholzer Mineralwasser” bottling plant Primusquelle, in Bad Adelholzen, near Siegsdorf, in the Bavaria, Germany. Behind the plant the Adelholzen formation and het lower part of the Stockletten formation are exposed. This outcrop became accessible after excavations for the new plant in 1996 and although part of the outcrop is overgrown by now, there is still plenty material exposed to hunt for fossils.

The section covers the enitire Lutetian and large parts of the Priabonian. At the Adelholzen section large quantities of larger benthic foraminifera can be found. Other possible finds include bivalves, serpulids, sea urchins and crabs.

The Adelholzen formation can be subdivided into 5 lithological units, from base to top: ~4m of marly glauconitic sands with predominantly Assilina;~4,5m of marly bioclastic sands with predominantly Nummulites; ~0,6m of glauconitic sands; ~4,2m of marls with Discocyclina and finaly ~1,1 m of marly brown sand. On top of this is the marly Stockletten formation. In the Stockletten Formation is a hiatus of ~3 million years. As a consequence the Bartonian is almost completely missing. Especially the lower part of the Adelholzen formation is exceptionally rich in larger benthic foraminifera, predominantly Nummulites, Assilina and Discocyclina, forming real ‘Nummulite-packstones’. From these packstones, forams are constantly washed out so below the section you literally walk on a floor of large benthic foraminifera. Apart from this, in the lower part of the Adelholzen formation one can also find various bivalves, including the very large oyster Pycnodonte gigantica and specimen of Spondylus sp. with preserved spines. In the upper part of the Adelholzen formation one can find oysters (Pycnodonte sp.), sea urchins (Conoclypeus sp.), shark teeth and free serpulids. Rarer but spectacular are the large crabs with preserved limbs from the middle and upper part of the Adelholzen formation. The Stockletten formation is almost free of macrofossils.

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Searching fossils in the Adelholzen formation
Added by: FossilDude on 06-11-2013

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The Adelholzen section is located on the terrain of the Primusquelle water plant, Southwest of Siegsdorf. You can drive to the St. Primus Strasse from the Adelholzer Strasse, between Alzing and Bernhaupten. This road passes the water plant. This locality is located on private property. Therefore, it is necessary to ask on forehand for permission to search for fossils on the terrain.

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Foraminifera, Bivalves, Serpulids, Sea urchins, Crustacea, Sharks, Bryozoa

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Literature recommended by members

  • Gebhardt, H., Ćoric, S., Darga, R., Briguglio, A., Schenk, B., Werner, W., Andersen, N., Sames, B., 2013: Middle to Late Eocene paleoenvironmental changes in a marine transgressive sequence from the northern Tethyan margin (Adelholzen, Germany)
    Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences 106(2): 45–72.
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