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  MD Calvert Cliffs

september 2006
Last Modified:
september 2006

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Location description

At the Chesapeake Bay the Calvert Cliffs are located. Here several sediments from the lower to middle Miocene are exposed. The sediments are part of the Chesapeake Group, and consist of the Calvert, Choptank, and St. Mary formations. The Calvert formation is exposed at Randle Cliffs in the north, the Choptank formation in the middle, and the St. Mary formation in the south at Cove Point. The further south, the youngher the deposits.

The beach is often quite narrow, and collecting is only possible at low tide. Watch the tides! Also, dont go to close to the unstable cliffs. There are often rockfalls.

In Solomons, south of the cliff area, is the small Calvert Marine museum. Here you can see the fossil collection. They also organise fossil excursions in the area.

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This area is known as the Willows. To enter, you must either live in the community, or have a family member or friend that lives there. No current fees.
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The Calvert cliffs are located southeast of Washington, in the state Maryland at the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The Calvert Cliffs are approximately 35 kilometres long, and stretch from the Chesapeake Bay to Drum Point at the Maryland west coast. At several locations it is possible to access the beach and look for fossils in the gravel. You can also use a sieve to find fossils. In this case you should bring a sieve and shovel. At some sites it is not allowed to look for fossils in the cliffs, and at some sites there is paid access.

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Fossils like shark teeth (i.e.C. megalodon) and fish remains are common. Various sea mammals, crocodile, and tutles have also been found. Evene land mammals were found. From this site, more than 600 specis of plants and animals are known.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Brenton W. Kent, 1994: Fossil Sharks of the Chesapeake Bay Region 11 Sections & 5 appendix sections. 146 pages.
    This book is only about sharks, contains drawings of shark teeth and dentition drawings of them.
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  • G.W. Andrews, 1976: Miocene Marine Diatoms From the Choptank Formation, Calvert County, Maryland
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  • Godfrey, S.J. (ed), 2018: The Geology and Vertebrate Paleontology of Calvert Cliffs, Maryland, USA
    Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, number 100. iv + 274 pages.
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