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february 2006
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may 2007

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Location description

At the coast near Brantevik, close to Simrishamn, you can find flat black stones wich contain graptolites from the Ordovician period. The stones can be split easily using a hammer. There are also black rocks from the cambrian which contain trilobites.

In the quartsitic sandstones you can find tracefossils of worms (i.e. Skolithos). These are also found near Vik.

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In the past millstones were extracted from the rocks at Gislövshammar.
Added by: Christian P on 23-06-2011

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Brantevik is located at the eastcoast of southern Sweden. From Simrishamn, go to the south. The collecting site is located south of the small harbour of Brantevik until Gislövshammar. There are several good spots at this coast. Notice the black stones on the beaches. Walking north you will go down in the stratigraphy, and you will pass rocks from the middle and lower Cambrian.

Vik is located north of Simrishamn. Here quartsitic sandstones from the Cambrian period are exposed.

The GPS coordinates of Gislovs Hammar, boundary Ordovician / Cambrian are 718911 N - 870196 O.

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Graptolites, trilobites, orthoceras and sometimes bivalves from the Ordovician period. Also tracefossils of worms from the Cambrian period.

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