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  The Netherlands

june 2002
Last Modified:
september 2017

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Location description

The beaches at Cadzand-bad, Nieuwvliet-Bad (Verdronken Zwarte Polder) and Groede are very well accessible fossil collecting sites. Also a great place for children to look for fossils. The fossils come from eroding layers underwater. There exist several books with descriptions of what can be found. You can buy these at tourist shops in Cadzand-Bad.

You can also collect fossils on the sandbanks in the middle of the Westerschelde. You can go there from the Breskens harbour in summer by a small boat called 'De Festijn'. See website for more information. On the sandbanks you can find the same fossils as at the beach, but there is less competition.

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Sharktooth found in \'het zwin\'.
Added by: Dino15 on 04-07-2015

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Cadzand is located in the province of Zeeland in the south west of The Netherlands, at the Belgian border. You can reach the area from Belgium or by using the toll road under the Westerschelde from Flushing to Terneuzen. The fossils are mainly found between Belgian city of Knokke, and the 'Zwarte Polder' area in Nieuwvliet-bad. The best place is at the Zwarte Polder. In direction of Cadzand the beach contains no sharkteeth because of a recent sandsuppletion. Nonetheless, between Cadzand-Bad and the Zwin area, Eocene fossils are still relatively common. The most common fossil here is Venericor planicosta Lamarck, 1801. See also the description of Knokke in Belgium, on the other side of the Zwin area.

Most people are looking for fossils on the beach, but others are digging holes and sieve the material. 

A good spot to dig a hole and sieve the sands is at Groede. From Cadzand and Nieuwvliet go along camping Groede. At the end go left and park along the road. Use the first path to the beach.

Just before the high water line the good layer is quite shallow. In the direction of the dunes the good layers is much deeper.

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Bivalves, shark teeth and ray teeth are the most common fossils here. You can also find mammal bones from the Pleistocene and fish teeth. The fossils come mainly from the Miocene, Pliocene until the Pleistocene (part of the Tertiary period). Hollow bird bones are found, but not common.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Harry raad (red.), 2016: Zeeuwse strand fossielen: fauna zeelandica in de oertijd.
    Met o.a.; bivalven, gastropoden, overige ongewervelden, vissen (voornamelijk haaientanden), zee zoogdieren, land zoogdieren en stenen. Komen ook andere zeeuwse locaties in voor.
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  • Lindeman, T. & R. Fraaije (eds.), 2003: Gids voor strandfossielen van Cadzand en Nieuwvliet-Bad
    O.a. informatie over fossielen van haaien, roggen, draakvissen, krabben, slangsterren, mollusken en zoogdieren die te vinden zijn bij Cadzand.
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  • Moerdijk, P.W. et al., 2010: De fossiele schelpen van de Nederlandse kust
    Fossiele schelpen (tweekleppigen, keverslakken en stoottandjes) die te vinden zijn aan de Nederlandse kust worden beschreven en afgebeeld.
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  • Wes, C. de, 2000: Zwart Goud - Haaientanden en andere fossielen op het strand van Knokke tot Cadzand en van Nieuwvliet tot Breskens
    Verschillende fossielen die o.a. te vinden zijn bij Cadzand worden beschreven. O.a.: haaientanden, dubbelkleppigen en slakkenhuizen.
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  • Wes, C. de, 2001: Zwart Goud Deel 2 - Over haaien, haaientanden & andere fossielen op het strand van Knokke tot Cadzand en van Nieuwvliet tot Breskens
    Dit boekje is vooral op haaientanden gericht en beeldt per soort een typische haaientand met een tekening van de complete haai af. Maar ook andere fossielen worden erg kort bekeken.
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