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Thanks you contributors

This website cannot exist without the help of many motivated people who contributed to the location descriptions, identification system, and other parts of this website.

Thank you!

Also thanks to the fossiel.net team. At the moment the Fossiel.net Team consists of Frederik Lerouge (Frederik), Richard Lausberg (Smaug), Johan Vellekoop (Fossildude), Joost van der Knaap (Knaapjvd), Kevin Houben (Maurice) and Herman Zevenberg (webmaster). We also like to thank Pieter De Schutter (Somniosus) who was a forum moderator for a long time.

Also we would like to thank the moderators of the identificationsystem who maintain the quality of the entries. The Identificationsystem moderators are:

Do you have additional information for this article? Please contact the Fossiel.net Team.