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Website Help for Fossiel.net

Before you can post messages on the forum, you first have to register. You can register as a new member by clicking on 'Register'. The reading of the messages can without registering. When registering, Name, Username, Password and E-mail address are required. The Homepage and signature are optional.
After the registration, go to the 'Forum Mainpage' and login with your username and password.

I can't login
When the login does not function properly, first check if "Cookies" are permitted in your webbrowser. You can modify the configuration options of your browser.

If you can't login, first go to the page to Reset fossiel.net Cookies.

When login still does not work, please contact us.

The Forum is subdivided in several subforums. The Community overview provides a one-sentence introduction for every Subforum as to what massages belong there. Try to place your messages in the correct forum. This helps to keep the forum clean and tidy. 

There is also a Belgian-Dutch fossiel.net community on www.fossiel.net . (or click the dutch flag in the upper right corner). You can participate there using the same login and password. The main language used there is Dutch, but we tolerate limited use of other languages there as well, if translating to Dutch poses too much of a problem (hint: use google translate to post a 'Dutch' copy of your message in parallel, it works quite well in most cases). 

You will meet moderators on this Forum. They are authorized to close and/or discussions or individual messages, or to merge or remove them. They are also entitled to limit or remove users from the forum. See the community rules for more information.

The current moderators are:

Herman Zevenberg

Frederik Lerouge

Johan Vellekoop

Richard Lausberg


Answering or a new discussion?
The Forum contains many so-called 'Topics'. These can be recognized by the folder icon . A topic is a group of messages about a defined subject, whereby newer messages are usually responses to older messages, like a group conversation. If you want to place an answer within a topic, click the 'reply' button  . Your message will be added at the bottom of the discussion. If you want to start a new topic, use the   button. In case you want to quote a message, use the "quote" button of the message you want to quote. You can keep the quoted text, or delete non-relevant parts. Make sure to leave the systemcodes [quote] and [/quote] intact, and to type your own message outside of these code tags! Only registered members that are logged in can place messages and topics. 

Blocked discussions
Old discussions will be automatically blocked after a while, usually when the discussion has become inactive. The messages will not be deleted from the forum and you can still read them, but you canno longer reply to them. You can recognise blocked discussions by the following pictogram:  

If you want to revive a closed topic, you can send a request to our info-mail adress containing a link to the topic in question.

Adding pictures to your messages
You can add pictures to your messages. In order to do so, you must first copy the image to the website. Before typing your message, browse to the picture you want to upload and select using the 'select file' button and click the 'save image' button. The image is now copied to the server, and a thumbnail appears. 

You can only upload JPG or GIF files. After uploading the images (you can add more than one), you can type your message. Click 'post reply' and you're done (the Dutch say "klaar is Kees", meaning "Kees' your uncle").

Image tags [img] do nut work on this forum. When you paste a website adress, it is automatically recognized and converted to a link. 

Make sure the images you place are sharp and clear. Take pictures from different angles when their purpose is identification. Include a scale in the picture where needed. Out of focus pistures usually do not contribute much, and can be deleted. 

Take a look at our Fossil photography section for hints and tips to make descent pictures. 

Useful features

You can get more useful information about a community member when you click on one of the icons at the leftside of their post:
User profile
E-mail adress
 Collection pictures
 Contributions to the Fossil ID system
 Contributions to the Mineral ID system
 Contributions to the Geology image database

 Images contributed to the Location database 

You can recognize new topics and messages by a green folder icon: . Topic receiving many responses are indicated by a little flame: 

You can use the website search function in the upper right corner to search all website modules, including the community forums.

Types of mebership
After registration, you're a 'Junoir memeber'. After 50 message, you become a 'regular member'. After 100 messages and 1 year membership, you're a 'senior member'. Moderators are indicated by 'Moderator'. The moderators can manually change the status of individual members. 

You can use a number of custom, hard-hat smilies. You just type the associated code and the corresponding smiley will appear in your message.











Text effects
You can place bold, italic or underlined text in your message by using the following tags:

insert [b] bold is not fat [/b] to get: bold is not fat
insert [i] use italics for species' names [/i] to get: use italics for species' names

insert [u] I'd like to stress my point [/u] to get: I'd like to stress my point

Adjusting My Profile
You can edit your own profile data (e.g. password, e-mail adress, homepage and additional info). To do so, first log in, then select 'edit my profile'. Here, you can edit your profile, as well as your database records.  

My Collection
In the My Collection section, it is possible to add pictures from your own collection. The pictures are added through your own profile on the forum (see above). It is not permitted to add photos not related to fossils, geology and/or minerals. There is room for a short explanation with each picture.

 This icon is located next to each message from a user that contributed photos to his or her "My Collection". If you click the icon you will be directly transported to the personal collection of the member.

Identification System
A selected number of forum members have access to the identification system. They can directly add photos to the Identification System for Fossils, Minerals and Geology. These members can add photos and change the corresponding data via their profile. The photos and descriptions must comply with the rules and instructions that are listed there.

Other can submit pictures using the corresponding forms

  This icon is located next to each message from a user that contributed photos to the Identification System for Fossils.

Location Information
Some collecting locations are vulnerable, therefore not all descriptions of fossil locations are available for everyone. Na het inloggen hebben leden toegang tot meer locatiebeschrijvingen. After logging in, members have access to more location descriptions. More information about our location policy can be found in the Member rules.

Do you have additional information for this article? Please contact the Fossiel.net Team.