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Member Rules

The following rules are to ensure participation on our forums is a pleasant experience for everyone. Members are assumed to participate in compliance with this code of conduct. Those who do not comply to these rules, will be warned by the moderators. Members who repeatedly disobey these rules will face their account being (temporarily) limited, blocked or terminated.

Participating means you have read, understood and agreed with the rules on this page.

The main objective of this forum is to provide a platform for people interested in fossils, geology, and minerals, to ask questions, share information and to built a social network.

General rules

1.1 The purpose of this forum is to allow discussions concerning fossils, minerals, geology or related subjects. With the exception of the category “off-topic”, where every other thing can be discussed, as long as it does not violate other rules.

1.2 All participation in a discussion is expected to be done in a constructive manner. No rude, offensive or otherwise unpleasant language is allowed.

1.3 Write properly, using correct grammar. Clear writing and interpunction make a message more pleasant to read. Think carefully about what you write, and how you express yourself. Misinterpretation can lead to serious misunderstanding. Use smilies where needed.

1.4 The forum comprises a broad community, from younger and older members, experienced and less experienced members. Be patient with newcomers, in particular kids. Sharing of knowledge and experience is paramount. 

1.5 Spamming (posting many repetitive and/or meaningless messages), flooding (exaggerated repetition, use of smilies or exclamation marks) and trilling (purposfully provoking) are not allowed, and will be answered by a temporary or permanent limit on the number of messages one is able to post per day.

1.6 In a discussion, try to stick to the subject  (remain "on topic") and do not hijack others topics.

1.7 New topics should be placed in the correct subforum, make sure to place your topic where it belongs.

1.8 Language: we have separate Dutch and English speaking forums, where Dutch and English are the principal language, respectively.

1.9 The public nature and broad accessibility of the forum holds many benefits, but also implies that sensitive information can be read by others and should be place with care.

1.10 In case of conflicts, there is a possibility that all those involved, regardless of whether they gave rise to the conflict, are blocked temporarily until the dispute is resolved to the satisfaction of forum management. 

1.11 Placing racist or discriminating comments, cursing, intimidating, namecalling, manipulating or using agressive or otherwise inappropriate language, along with placing shocking, pornographic or erotic materials, or someones personal details, is prohibited.



Before you start a new topic, make sure the subject has not been covered recently. Use the search function before staring a topic to verify.

Provide your topic with a clear title. The topic "Field find Eifel: crinoïd?" will attrack more viewers and receive better feedback than the next "What is this?".

Double check your posts before you place them.

Take the time to draft a proper message, and give others time to respond properly. The better or more clear the question, the better the answers will be.

When using the quote-function, only quote the relevant parts of the message, and not the entire message. When using the quote-function, put your text beneath the quoted text, not in between.

Try not to place several consecutive messaged, rather use the edit button to edit your first message.

When quoting or placing copyrighted materials, mention the source. Or better still, link to these materials.

It is not wise to place your full adress or email in online messages, because they can be picked up by spambots, a.o. So don't write "communitymember@adress.com" maar liever iets als "communitymember (at) adress (dot) com" of "xxcommunitymemberxx@xxadress.com (without x)". In case you want to provide your e-mail adress to womeone, just point them to your profile, or send them a mail.

When violations of the rules are seen, we advise you not to respond directly, but to inform a moderator instead by sending an e-mail. Provide a link to the topic and a short description of the problem. A moderator will then take care of the situation.



2.1 Register under your correct name, and provide a working e-mail address. This will only be visible to other members: it is not allowed to register anonymously or under a false name, your account will face removal.

2.3 It is not allowed for a person to use more than one profile. Double profiles might face deletion.

2.4 Important! By registering, you agree with these terms and conditions!


3.1 It is not allowed to post other images than those of fossils, rocks, minerals and geology and paleontology related subjects, events, objects or persons (with the exception of the "off-topic" section).

3.2 Images need to be sharp and clear. If possible, take pictures of the fossil under various angles. Provide a scale indication where needed. Unclear of unsharp pictures eat bandwith without added value, and face deletion. For a 101 on photographing fossils, see the photography pages on this website.

3.3 In the section "my collection", only images from pieces of the own collection are allowed.

3.4 Post pictures you took yourself. Respect the copyright of others.

Specific rules: 'localities' section

4.1 Because of the public character of this forum, and the potential vulnerability of fossil and mineral localities, it is not allowed to post detailed specifics on the location of finds directly on the forum. Try not to explicitely name or point to vulnerable localities. In case of doubt, contact a moderator. Detailed information can only be put online after consideration and evaluation of a moderator.

4.2 The 'localities' section is only accessible for active members.

Specific rules: 'identification' section

5.1 In particular for this section, a good preparation is essential when starting a new topic: provide a meaningful topic title, clear pictures and a good description.


When you already did some research on the specimen that narrows the search down, be sure to mention it: what possible identification crossed your mind, what literature has been consulted, what hypotheses have you been able to rule out, and based on what arguments? 


Specific rules: 'trade' section

6.1 The purpose of the 'Trade' section is to make contacts for the sale or trade of fossils, minerals, rocks or associated geological materials, in particular whith the intention of building a collection.

6.2 Altough they can be used as reference material, and could be placed in the 'associated materials' category, offers or trade of recent animal materials from whatever nature, are not allowed (examples are shark jaws and teeth, shells, skins, corals, etc.).

6.3 Commercial ads are not allowed. This includes ads from professional traders, as well as all ads where profit is central.

6.4 Organising auctions is not allowed, with the exception of auctions for charity. Contact the moderators before starting an auction. 

6.5 The management of Fossiel.net, or the moderators can not be held accountible for unsuccessfull or misleading transactions.

6.6 We ask minors to only participate in transaction with the knowing consent of their parents or legal guardian.


7.1 The administrators are not responsible for the contents of messages on the forum. 

7.2 The administrators reserve the right to take action to remove contents from the forum without owing an explanation for these management actions.

7.3 The administrators reserve the right to deviate from these rules by great exception, when they deem necessary.

7.4 Users violating these rules can be temporarily of permanently limited, blocked or removed!

Also see the help page, with additional hints for using this website.


The Fossiel.net Team

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