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Paleontica Foundation

Since August 26st 2019 we have founded the non-profit foundation named "Stichting Paleontica". On this page, you will find an overview with all the information about this foundation

Name of the foundation

Stichting Paleontica

RSIN number


Contact information 

email: contact@paleontica.org

Bank account number

NL92 TRIO 0788 7788 11

Goals of the foundation

The goals of the foundation is to create bridges between amateurs, professionals and between beginners and more experienced collectors. The foundation Paleontica is an independent non-profit organisation. The foundation aims to provide information on geology and fossils for the general public; to provide the possibilties to discus and network in the field of paleontology and facilitate contacts amoung amateurs and professional paleontolists.


To achieve these goals the foundations maintains a website with information and a forum and organises events such as international fossil shows. The activities of the foundation, as well as possible partners, must be scientifically and ethically justified. Hereby the foundation must act in the spirit of the Belgian code of ethics for the Belgian code of ethics for earth sciences and the foundation will only collaborate with other parties who also do this.

Board members

Chair: Johan Vellekoop
Secretary: A
nte de Baas
Treasurer: Richard Lausberg

Remuneration policy

The board members do not receive remuneration or salary. They do have the right to be reimbursed for costs made for the foundation. 

Report of activitiet and financial justification

Each year, a report of our activities and a financial justification will be published here.

Policy plan

Our current policy plan, established on September 26 2019, can be found here

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