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On March 12th, the Dutch government has decided to forbid all events with more than 100 visitors. This means that we, as the organisation of PaleoTime-NL have to cancel our event as well. PaleoTime-NL 2020 is hereby is cancelled.

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The Elasmobranchii form a group within the Chondrichthyes or cartilaginous fish, and include the sharks, rays and skates. Fossil representatives are known from the Silurian period onwards. Because the skeleton of these animals mainly consists of cartilage, it fossilisation is difficult. Nevertheless complete fossil cartilaginous fish of this group known from numerous Lägerstatten, including those of Solnhofen, Germany and Lebanon. Teeth and jaw plates remain very well preserved and are easily found locally.

In our Identification System, this group is divided into the Batoidea, which include the rays and skates, and the other Elasmobranchii (mainly sharks).

Loose teeth are common

Well preserved  complete specimens, like this one from Libanon, are very exceptional



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