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The Anapsida or 'Anapsid reptiles' are an extinct group of reptiles. Their main distinctive characteristic is their skull, which -unlike in many other reptiles- does not have holes behind the eye sockets. This group is regarded as being rather problematic and it's being fiercely discussed in literature. The taxonomic position and even the validity of the Anapsida remains highly uncertain. It has been hypothesized that turtles -who also possess similar 'anapsid' skulls- evolved out of the Anapsida because of the presence of this feature. Recent literature, however, suggests that turtles belong to the Diapsida instead. This website still considers turtles as Anapsids, but a tentative approach to the taxonomy of this group is advised.

Most of the Anapsida went extinct during the great mass extinction event at the end of the Permian. Some of the oldest known reptiles belong to this group, including the genera Procolophon, Hypsognathus, Eudibamus and Arganacera.



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