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Field trip rules

For the excursions which are organised in name of Fossiel.net, it is important that all participants respect the following set of rules. We are often a guest on someone else's property, and we'd like to be able to be welcome the next time. Safety is of course also an important item.

  1. The quarries and other excursion sites are entered and left collectively and at a predetermined time. Often, the land owner has indicated until what time we are allowed to be on the property. Each participant should respect these agreements.
  2. If applicable, on arrival and departure of the site, an attendance list is signed. A longer stay on the site is not allowed. Also, please inform the guide in case of early departure!
  3. Sometimes we are not allowed to visit a specific zone within the quarry (e.g. for safety reasons). The guide will indicate this before we enter the premises; always follow these instructions.
  4. Participants must wear protective gear in quarries and at other excursion sites, minimally consisting of a safety helmet, fluorescent safety vest and sturdy shoes. In some cases, there may be exceptions to this, or additional safety measures might apply. The guide will indicate this in advance. Everybody is responsible to bring their own safety attibutes.
  5. Participants must comply with the Collection code such as indicated on this site. The main rules are: DON’T leave any garbage behind and DO think of your safety.
  6. Participants in an excursion must have a liability insurance for individuals and travel insurance (if the excursion is outside the country where the participant lives). Fossiel.net is not a formal organization, but consists of volunteers who organize excursions in their spare time. Fossiel.net and the organizers of the excursion cannot accept any responsibility for any damage whatshoever. All participants participate at their own risk.
  7. For some excursions a fee must be paid. This is always reported in advance at registration. Of course, the payment must be done before the start of the excursion.
  8. Instructions of the guide must always be followed.
  9. Participation in an excursion of fossiel.net means acceptance of the excursion rules.

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