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Organize a field trip for Fossiel.net

In consultation with the administrator team of Fossiel.net every member can take initiative to organize an excursion or activity on behalf of Fossiel.net. That however takes some work. Here we provide a brief guidance.


From experience we know that 3 persons works best for organizing an excursion. It is generally a good idea to have one of these persons take care of geological/fossil locations. When fossil locations can take only a limited number of people, a maximum number of participants should be set. The second person coordinates the whole thing, while the third organizes the practical part, like the location to stay.

Access to fossil locations

To collect fossils with a Group it is often necessary to gain official permission to enter the location and collect fossils beforehand. Try to keep alternatives ready. Via societies or local contacts it is often possible to get addresses and contacts which can help you get official permission.


A general budget should be estimated for the total costs for the excursion. You could choose to let the participants take care of their own sleeping location and meals. If organized centrally, that will probably form the bulk of the expenses. Also keep some costs for phone calls and organizations in mind. An excursion should cover the fees with some margin. Any leftover money can subsequently be used for other excursions/activities. Costs for the excursion should be mentioned on the entry form on the forum.

Camping and meals

Depending on the size of the Group it is wise to reserve places on a camping early. It may be possible to get a separate area of the camping for the entire group. When meals are organized centrally (like a barbecue), groceries should be done.


Entry goes via a Sticky on the forum. The forum moderators can make a message sticky. Entering a Fossiel.net excursion means that you will keep to the excursion rules of Fossiel.net. That includes, among other things, that all participants should have the right insurances. Also the costs of the excursion are indicated, as well as any maximum number of participants. Possibilities also include a minimal age, when appropriate. The following data are needed from the participants: name, address, e-mail address, cell phone number and any other important details.

It may be requested to pay in advance via your bank to the organizers. In the sticky topic with participants, a list of participants may be posted. It is the responsibility of the organizers to keep a complete list of participants. It is wise to have people sign up via e-mail and to confirm their entry via e-mail as well. Just before the excursion a checklist containing the most important information should be send to the participants and also placed on the forum. Excursion guides can be handed out on site.


Right before the start of the excursion you should call everyone together. The organizers should introduce themselves and final announcements can be made. Pay attention to safety and make it clear for everyone where to gather again and at what time.

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